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Digital Bricks Resellers

Are you looking for a partnership that is different?

DigitalBricks provides you an opportunity to engage in a partnership that is different and unique. We are a cloud based SaaS service provider that touches on all aspects of a business in the F&B and Retail space, especially where there is a multi-outlet or a franchise business model. We deliver unique, comprehensive, and highly affordable solutions for growing businesses and help them establish a brand. As a Digital Bricks Reseller you will be part of a recurring revenue stream and become not only a reseller but a true partner for the long term to both Digital Bricks as well as your customers, the businesses who use our services.  With realistic purchase and maintenance pricing Digital Bricks Omni-Channel Cloud based software delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry with highest level of functionalities. With three different engagement models described below Digital Bricks provides opportunities for continued engagement and collaboration with your customers leading to increased and recurring revenue streams.

How do I become a Reseller? The Digital Bricks Reseller program provides you three different ways to engage.

Participant The simplest is a Participant where you provide us introductions to potential customers and receive a compensation when they become a paying customer.

Affiliate Another way to engage is to become an Affiliate where you recommend and help integrate Digital Bricks solutions into a customer’s processes as an independent entity or a consultant. Here you are eligible to receive a continuing percent of revenue for a certain period of time

Assosiation As an Associate you own and service the customer and we help with supporting logistics and as a second line of support. For this you receive a percent of all revenues as long as the customer is consuming the SaaS service from Digital Bricks.

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